“Everybody you meet knows something you don’t”

I feel that people tend to forget this.  The idea of equality of minds. While I understand that I am not the equivalent of Albert Einstein on the topic of Physics, I probably know more about nail polish or my best friend than him. No knowledge is useless. The little quirks I notice my favorite teacher, or the typo I found in my government book, anything you add to your mind, improves it. Learning is endless and you can never know too much about the world around you.

Today, out driving, you pick up a hitchhiker. A 40-something man who looks like he’s lost his way. A simple act of kindness, but you want something in return. You ask for his life story, his version of the meaning of life, his favorite quote, his dream vacation, his goals, his fears. You learn he hasn’t lost his way at all, he’s exploring this beautiful world the way he thinks he should. He taught you about his perspective.

One simple act has gotten you what could be the most useful information for your future, or the worst. You’ll never know until you ask the right questions. So I encourage everyone to get out and learn for learning’s sake. Meet people. Every person out there has something to offer you. So talk to everyone you come across. You’ll never learn about the actual world without knowing a perspective other than your own. And while everyone is out there YOLOing and taking pictures for instagram and writing reports for that A+, they don’t know there’s so much more to it. So don’t take a picture of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, ask an Italian about the real Italy and don’t write an essay about theology, go out and experience a new religion for a day. There is more to the life than what meets the eye.

Explore the world, and the people that it’s composed of, because a picture may be worth a thousand words but a thousand words are worth more than a picture.



Why Not?

Many people of Generation Y, those who were born in the 80’s until recently, aren’t very informed about the problems facing society.  Aside from that, we don’t have a voice. I am here to give everyone a voice and hopefully make people stop thinking of this generation as good-for-nothing detroyers of tradition. It is about time we show our intelligence to those wiser and more experienced than us and create new traditions. And intelligence is not just general studies as they tell us; it includes modern art, musical talent, mathematical genius, or political opinions. We make our own rules on what means something to us. I mean, we are the future, right?