Monthly Archives: December 2013

An Infinite Battle

“It is in our nature to destroy what we create.” –Paul Kramer

Human nature is a conundrum. The strangest thins will bring us together and then turn us around and rip us apart.

For example, music. When at a concert, personal space blurs, thousands dance the same beat, and there is certain camaraderie. Yet the next day someone makes fun of your favorite band. Personally I would get offended and an argument ensues. Two different situations involving the same topic evoke such different reactions.

The same goes for war. Take World War II, a war that brought everyone together. Business boomed, women entered the work force without opposition, people stood together against the enemy. We sacrificed brothers, fathers and husbands for the greater good of the people, no questions asked. Fast forward 30 years to the Vietnam War that tore families, governments apart. The same idea applies, but it is met with different reactions.

Religion even falls into this category. One American family reads the Bible and goes to church. Another American family reads the Bible and protests a soldier’s funeral. One Iraqi family reads the Qur’an and journeys to Mecca. Another Iraqi family reads the Qur’an and journeys into the twin towers.

Human nature destroys and then rebuilds, endlessly fighting itself, ignorant to the lack of a winner in this useless battle.