Monthly Archives: September 2013

All By By Lonesome

For the life of me, I cannot remember where I heard the words that have affected me in recent months. It went something like: if you’re not fun enough to have a good time alone, you need to reevaluate. This, for some reason, resonates with me. I feel as if our generation is obsessed with love and being loved. To never have to be alone. To always have someone to cuddle with or talk too. To go to giant parties with all of your closest strangers. When in reality, you should all be content to be by yourself. We talk of these great plans to go on vacation with our best friends, or to travel the world with the love of your life. I am the only true love of my life. I am my own best friend. No one else will ever have identical music taste. No one else will ever have the same favorite movie. No one else knows what I think. I smile to myself on a regular basis. I dance in front of my mirror.

So I challenge everyone, to simply hangout with you. If you don’t think you’re cool or fun enough to hang out with you, no one else will either. So instead of calling someone in your contact list on your next lonely night, turn on your favorite song and put on your raddest outfit for the best one-man party around.